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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Children's Center Visit

Late last week, Amber Centeno, Caroline Haidul, Sarah Vedrani, myself, Prof. Pellegrino, and Prof. Edney traveled outside our usual stomping grounds in College Hall to make art with some of the happy campers at the Children's Center. We spent much of our time coloring and decorating hearts for their upcoming art show (even today I can find a way to sneak out of cleanup time). Most importantly, however, we made some new friends.

The details for their art show are as follows:

Regis College Children's Center
Intergenerational Art Show And Silent Auction

Monday, April 27, 2015
Regis College Fine Arts Center Gallery

Check out some of the pictures for our visit below!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Another Successful Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Audrey McCullough, who successfully defended her MA thesis this past week. Audrey's thesis, entitled, "Social Media and Museums," deals with the history of museums, social media, and where those two fields intersect. 

Audrey joins the likes of Prof.  Naomi Kooker, Amy Damon, and Karen Dropps, all our most recent graduates to have defended their theses. 


New Orleans Conference

From Tuesday, March 31 to Saturday, April 4, Regis was well represented at the Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association National Conference in New Orleans. I represented the graduate students with a presentation on "Myth and Religion in World War I."  For the professors, Dr. Alison MacAdams presented her paper, "The Naked Truth: Sovereignty and Power in the Stories of Inanna and Little Red Riding Hood," while Dr. Kate Edney, who also served as area chair for Folklore and Popular Culture, organized and chaired 5 panels for the conference, and also presented her paper, "The Golden Dawn (1927), a Colonial Musical." The conference featured panels ranging in topics from comic books, to science fiction, to folklore, to feminism, to philosophy, to education, and a whole swath of other areas as well. 

From left to right: Ben Remillard, Dr. Kate Edney, Dr. Alison MacAdams


Italy Night!

On March 23, in order to celebrate the recent Spring Break academic trip to Florence, we put on an Italy Night! In addition to delicious foods and drinks, students were given a culinary delight which they were tasked with researching and presenting on. These presentations ranged from appetizers like Tuscan bread (which is unique for not having any salt), to the classic standards of Italian dining--like spaghetti, lasagna, risotto, etc--to desserts like tiramisu and panna cotta, to drinks (as no Heritage Studies event would be complete without caffe and vino). 

While classic Italian music was blaring in the background, there was some disagreement over how to brown the garlic (left) while others began 
preparing for the meal (right)

With about 25 special guests in attendance (because who really wants to plan a dinner for more than 25 people?) the night was most definitely a success. 


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Le Laboratoire Cambridge

Amy Damon, one of our graduates from last year, defended her master's thesis in the fall on deaccessioning in museums. Since then she's taken on a new job at Le Laboratoire Cambridge, a brand new gallery in the heart of Cambridge. The museum describes itself as

"a unique art and design center that invites visitors to explore the experiments and wonders of innovators of all kinds discovering at frontiers of science - from leading artists and designers to chefs and master perfumers. Founded in 2007 in Paris by renowned inventor, writer, and Harvard Professor David Edwards, Le Laboratoire now opens in Cambridge as the new center of ArtScience Labs, a global organization dedicated to the development of the most radical ideas that transform the way we learn, imagine and evolve. The design, and architecture, of Le Laboratoire Cambridge, is the work of French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and the American architects Zeke Brown and Josh Fenollosa."

The exhibit which ended earlier this week, "Vocal Vibrations," was recently featured on PBS. If you tune into the second part of the video you'll see Amy exhibiting one of the pieces for the gallery.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Adam Capen, Jr. Public Lecture

 Karen Dropps, who recently defended her master's thesis in Heritage Studies, presented her work on Stoughton resident Adam Capen, Jr. in a public lecture, Sunday March 15 at the Stoughton Historical Society. Congrats Karen!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring 2015 Events

Two postings in one day? Impossible you say? Nay, I have delivered. Check out our events for this semester below

Italy Night
In honor of Drs. Pellegrino and Edney’s spring break class trip to Italy, our students will put on a night of presentations and food based on their experiences in Florence
Monday March 23
Morrison House
Please RSVP
The Glory of Columbia
Enjoy a staging of this classic 19th century production about Revolutionary War spies and the West Point controversy. Brought to you by a co-curricular mini-grant won by our very own, Sarah Vedrani
Wednesday April 1
Casey Theatre, Fine Arts Center

What’s In a Name?: A Pop-up Museum Exhibit
A co-curricular grant event brought to you by our wonderful Dr. Edney. Ever seen a flash mob? It’s like that, except with a museum. It’s going to rock
Thursday April 16
Second Floor College Hall Foyer
Poetry Salon Night
Come read your own favorite poem or something by your favorite poet. Light refreshments will be served. Co-sponsored by our friends in the English Department
Wednesday April 22
College Hall 346
Cinco de Mayo
There really isn’t any better way to celebrate the end of the school year than by having our annual Cinco de Mayo celebration!
Friday May 1
College Hall 346
5:00-7:00 pm

Please contact

for any questions you might have or to RSVP for events