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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Heritage Studies Promotional Video!

A few weeks ago a (new) masterpiece was born. Thanks to Dr. Edney, Peter Kent, and Bryan Geary for organizing, producing, and directing the video, as well as to all the students and alums who participated in the filming. Check it out in the link below!


Monday, July 6, 2015

Graduate Hooding and Graduation

Graduation came and went, and, like usual, I was a little slow on updating the blog. If we learned anything about nostalgia this year in our capstone seminar, however, is that distance makes the heart grow fonder. This year, the award for Excellence in Public Heritage went to Benjamin Remillard. Check out some of the pictures below to see Ben, Kerry, and the Sarahs enjoying their last moments in the sunlight that is graduate least for the time being of course. 

As for their plans for the future: Kerry will begin pursuing her second Master's degree (this time in library science) at Rutgers starting in the fall; Sarah Vedrani  is currently enjoying an archaeology field school through the Strawberry Banke Museum; and Sarah Sedman and Ben are both currently looking for work as high school history teachers before they eventually return to school to pursue their PhDs.  

Enjoy the summer, everyone! 

 From Left: Dr Florio, Ben Remillard, Kerry Pintabona, 
Sarah Vedrani, Sarah Sedman, and Dean Asadoorian. 

 Sarah being hooded by Dr Florio on the left, Kerry on the right

Above, The gang on their way to graduate! 
Below, Sarah Sedman, Sarah Vedrani, and Kerry Pintabona after their graduation


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Awards Night Victors!

The Heritage Studies department made out big at this year's Leadership Banquet. Kerry Pintabona and myself won two of the three "Graduate Student Star" awards, while Dr. Kate Edney won the "Lifesaver" award. Yay to us! And thanks to all those that nominated us and work with us everyday. This department wouldn't be the success that it is without the enormous team effort it takes to keep everything rolling. 


Poetry Night

Last month, as part of National Poetry Month, Heritage Studies teamed up with the English Department to host our second ever Poetry Night. With about thirty-five people squeezed into the lounge it marked another successful event. Students, faculty, and staff participated by reading different works; poems and songs, original and otherwise. Check out some pictures from the event below. 


 Rachel was the bravest of us all and led the night off (above), while 
Dr. Julia Lisella read some original work of her own (below)


 Here I am reading one of my favorite pieces by John Wilmot, the 2nd Earl of Rochester (below)


This is the poster we made for the event. I was a little sad when not everyone realized what I wrote for the description was actually in the form of haikus, and not just me writing poorly. 


Friday, May 1, 2015

Two More Master's Theses Successfully Defended

The past few weeks have been awful busy as classes have come to an end and two more of our graduate students have successfully defended their theses. First, we had Kerry Pintabona, who channeled the work of such theorists as Marshall McLuhan and Alison Landsberg to defend her thesis, "Framing Artwork in a Digital Age." Then we had Sarah Sedman successfully defend her microhistory of her grandmother, which was entitled, “Toby Sedman: Jewish American Lower Class Woman." It was truly wonderful work by both of these young scholars. 

Congrats again to Kerry (left) and Sarah (right)!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fabulous First: Regis College's First Pop-Up Museum

On Wednesday, April 16 Regis College held its first Pop-Up Museum. Don't know what a pop-up museum is? Think of it like a flash mob, except with museum displays centered around a specific theme instead of people dancing. Way back last semester, Dr. Edney won a co-curricular grant for what is emerging as the newest trend in the museum world. When the 16th rolled around, at 11 am Dr. Edney and her cohorts stormed the College Hall second floor foyer, putting up displays, photos, and poems. The theme of the exhibit, "What's in a Name," encouraged people to display the different ways names mean something to them. We had a clever riddle from Chris Coffin, a family history and explanation of Greek names by Stephanie Venancio, projects done by our friends at the Children's Center, a project created by the students in Dr. Ortiz's Latin@ Writers class, and much more. For people walking by unaware of what was going on, there was a crafts table where they could create their own piece on the spot. By 1 pm it was all disassembled and removed, and Regis's first pop-up museum was over. Check out some of the pictures below

Here (left, right, below) we have some of the art created by our friends at the Children's Center. We of course hope this isn't their last time having their work displayed in a museum

 Above, you can see students from Dr. Ortiz's class displaying the project they made 

To the left, you can see Dr. Malikowski, Prof. Fontes, and some others trying their hand at the crafts table 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Check Us Out!

We're taking our marketing and branding to the next level. Ever want to find out more about us, or to follow us on a more regular basis? Well, the Heritage Studies team has come up with both a new  and a new Twitter account . Be sure to check them both out!